Murder in the First

It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.

Murderers are not monsters, they’re men. And that’s the most frightening thing about them.
Alice Sebold, (The Lovely Bones)

A clown can get away with murder. -John Wayne Gacy

We are, all of us, living through a Columbo episode each night, on the TV. We are witnesses to murder and we all know who the killer is. But this is not fiction, and the good Lieutenant will not be coming by with a patrolman and a set of bracelets to escort the killer off. The killer is a virus,  but under the law anyone aiding and abetting the commission of such a violation of life is culpable as well.  The accomplice in this case, happens to hold the highest office in the land.

As far back as Jan. of 2017 he had access to information, a carefully compiled dossier of procedures regarding pandemic preparation. He ignored it. This decision may have made us all impossibly ignorant of the dangers we now face, three years later.

On Jan. 11th  of this year Chinese State media reported the first death from a novel coronavirus. Ten days later, on Jan. 21st , the first case was reported here in the good old USA, in Washington State. The patient was a 31-year-old man who had recently returned from Wuhan, China where it is believed the virus originated. That same day Japan, South Korea and Thailand reported their first cases. On Jan. 30th , the World Health Organization declared a global health emergency. On Feb. 5, 700 passengers on a Diamond Princess cruise liner were confirmed as infected after they and 2900 others were quarantined on the ship, off the coast of Yokohama, Japan. It was the first major outbreak outside of China. Feb. 26th saw the first suspected case of local transmission in the United States, this happens in California. Soon after Oregon, Washington State and New York also reported their first cases of community transmission. On Feb. 29th  the first US death  was reported in Washington State. The man had no history of travel to China. On March 9, the entire country of Italy, 60 million people, was under quarantine. Finally, on March 13th , a full six weeks after the WHO declared an international health emergency and two months after the first reports of the virus from China, the United States declared a national emergency. A presidential task force had been formed in early Jan., but the dog and pony style nightly briefings served more as campaign opportunities than information seminars for the public. The medical experts were ignominiously relegated to the back of the stage, while their advice was virtually contradicted. At a campaign rally (where else?) in February, the chief suspect declared that the virus would disappear “miraculously” by April when the temperatures rose. Later that month, the CDC warned Americans to expect “significant disruptions” from COVID-19. Just three days later, on Feb. 28th the chief executive grifter was calling the most serious national health challenge of a lifetime a “hoax” perpetrated by the democrats.  By March 17th , the virus was in all 50 states and six counties in Northern California were ordered to shelter in place. By March 20th , New York City, the most densely populated city in the nation had become the epicenter of the virus. On March 24th , Japan announced the postponement of the 2020 Summer Olympics until 2021. By March 26th , the USA led the world in COVID-19 cases. Shortly after, a $2 Trillion Stimulus Package was passed by Congress in an extreme attempt to keep the economy from completely capsizing.  On March 27th , British Prime Minister Boris Johnson contracts the virus.

While all this was going on the chief concern of the chief suspect was the condition of the stock market and the economy. But such concerns had little to do with the bread and butter effects on the citizens of the nation he was supposed to be protecting but rather with how these matters would affect his other omnipresent concern- the election polls. In a craven attempt to boost his image, he demanded that his name be printed on the checks, even though treasury checks typically never are signed by the president and his signature had no legal value.

The messaging from his own “task force” regarding social distancing and mask wearing was continually contradicted and ignored. There was a tour of a mask factory, unmasked, where appropriately and ironically enough the Guns and Roses cover of Live and Let Die squealed loudly in the background. The vice president, who is supposed to be the point man in all of this and who once publicly stated that cigarettes don’t kill, attended a conference of food executives in Iowa.   Before he would enter he had an emissary request that the appropriately distanced and masked attendees de-mask first. The narrative that everything was under control even as the gurneys filled, and the bodies piled up needed to be fortified.

At the Tulsa, Oklahoma rally, where the virus was surging, campaign staff removed social distancing stickers placed on seats by the arena event staff. Fortunately, only a third of the arena was occupied. Still, those attendees huddled closely together, virtually unmasked. Six  campaign staffers tested positive for the virus immediately prior to the event. Two more tested positive immediately after. Attendees at the Tulsa virus orgy were required to sign releases promising not to sue the president or his campaign if they should contract the virus.

PPE deliveries were missed or too late to make much difference for many front-line workers .States were forced to form alliances to acquire critical equipment only to have federal officials swoop in and confiscate it. In most societies this would be called stealing. The Defense Production Act was not put into place until the 17th of March, by which time the virus had erupted with vehemence and opportunities to extend the lives of so many citizens through the use of ventilators were missed. The national stockpile was distributed in favor of states politically friendly to the administration and not in proportion to the needs of each state. On April 4th the president’s unqualified- for anything in government son in law lambasted reporters for daring to ask about the stockpile declaring: “The notion of the federal stockpile was it’s supposed to be our stockpile, it’s not supposed to be states’ stockpiles that they then use”. Who is this “our” to whom he refers? I thought “our” meant “us”. Silly me. The wording on the website had to be edited afterwards to fit his moronic statement.

Today, nearly a half year into the contagion almost 130,000 Americans are no longer joining their families for meals, birthday parties, or weddings. Grieving too has been compromised as social distancing, even in death, must be practiced to prevent mourners from becoming the mourned. The decision to ignore the protocols and belittle testing and tracing has resulted in huge spikes in the states where  desperate political messaging holds sway over public health initiatives.

Such messaging has inevitably led to irate shoppers violently objecting to masks and purposefully coughing or sneezing on others as they scream about democrats and “libruls”. These “anti-life” crusaders don’t even seem to understand that the mask is not meant to protect them but to protect others from them, as they screech about their “right” to risk sickness. I squelch my darkest desires to see such risk manifest itself completely on them as I am reminded that in the face of such a virulent virus this would only result in their naïve and asymptomatic infection of more innocents. I scratch my head and hope for the best.

Today, state “leaders” who opted to choose political optics over science are seeing the results of their erroneous decisions. The national infection rate is now close to 40,000 new cases a day. Dr. Fauci has warned that we could be facing the prospect of 100,000 new infections a day if this trend continues. Meanwhile, in Europe, with a larger population, the rate has been about 4,000 per day, or ten times less than ours. As they now begin to welcome tourists back into their economy, Americans are pointedly unwelcome.  New Zealand has pretty much flattened their curve. Recently a rugby match was played in front of a full stadium of fans. In the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, where the protocols were largely obeyed, the rate of transmission has dived steeply. Although there was slight spike in Westchester county recently due to a student returning from the Florida beaches and asymptomatically spreading his infection. Texas, reporting 6,975 new infections on June 30th, their highest day ever,  has exhausted all bed capacity in the ER and Intensive Care units of Houston, necessitating the moving of seriously ill patients to facilities an hour or more away.  This comes a full five months after the WHO declared a worldwide emergency and four months after the first US death.

Instead of leadership we have received from the highest offices of power, benign neglect, and political opportunism. So, as to the indictment:  Means? Deliberate measures taken to both mislead the public and actively expose them to danger ie: The Tulsa rally, the Iowa conference, the cutting of funding to the WHO and still another sick attempt to have the Supreme Court strike down the ACA depriving 23 million Americans of health care, and too many etcetera’s to inventory.  Motive? To ensure an electoral contest in friendly states. Opportunity? A public health scenario the likes of which we have never experienced.

We can present the indictment on Nov. 3rd  The arraignment will come shortly after. That’s all for now.

Oh, sorry to bother you folks, just one more thing. Vote. As if your lives depend upon it. For they do.

5 thoughts on “Murder in the First

  1. Extremely disturbing and depressing but an excellent summary. Again, your thorough research is appreciated . Thanks for clearly laying out events chronologically and with such clarity.


  2. Hi Tom, excellent summary of the total shit show that is now our nation. So here’s two bits of humor, one a trifle grim and the other grimmer:
    on a bumper sticker; I WEAR A MASK SO I CAN BE ALIVE ON NOVEMBER 3RD.
    and thinking of those that blare their right to go unmasked and support Trump I’ll quote one of my favorites, H.L. Mencken:
    ‘Democracy is the system of government that believes the common man should get what he deserves. And he should get it good and hard’


    1. Hi Gary. Thank you. Especially appreciate the Mencken quote. I believe I used another of his in an earlier posting. Something about the will of the people delivering a moron to the Oval Office eventually. He certainly had a way with words. Love to Susie. Stay well please. We need to keep the smart people around. There’s too many idiots with too many megaphones.


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