Optical Illusions

Your inside is out and your outside is in
Your outside is in and your inside is out

(Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey)

-John Lennon/Paul McCartney

 Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends/We’re so glad you could attend/Come inside, come inside

-Karn Evil 9/ Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Gravity is a real thing, I think. I believe the earth is round. But there are those who  regard all those space photos as trickery, and firmly believe that we twirl around the sun on a giant, wet, rocky, pancake. That is, those who otherwise believe we do orbit the sun and not the other way around.  Still…

I believe that “up” is somewhere over my head and “down” would be in the general direction of my feet. There are 100 cents to the dollar. Water freezes at 32° Fahrenheit. Wheels are circular. Water and air are necessary for life. Babies cry, dogs bark and cats meow. I think….Still…

The truths highlighted in our Declaration of Independence as “self-evident” have not been that “evident” for certain segments of the citizenry. Voter suppression exists fifty-five years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which was itself 101 years and 7 months after the Emancipation Proclamation, which was a full two hundred and forty-four years from the time the first Africans were brought to the shores of North America as slaves. In 2019 women are paid $0.79 for every $1.00 men are paid and something called the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) never did find its way into the constitution. Yet…

Looks can be deceiving. Photos of the DC mall on Jan 20, 2017 taken by the National Park Service, indicate a lot of empty space for an event (Presidential inauguration) that usually breeds massive crowds. However, we were assured by a spicy press secretary that seeing wasn’t believing and that rather, nothing was ever so well attended in our nation’s history, while a woman named Con-way redirected our attention to the magic mirror of “alternative facts”

On a daily basis many people entrusted to safeguard our very lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness tell us not to trust our own senses . And who are we to argue?

In an era where we are all vigorously encouraged to say something if we see (or hear) something, a CIA analyst, charged with monitoring communications with foreign entities, hears something and dutifully says something. The released transcript of a July telephone call seems to indicate, at least to my aged eyes, that  our president solicited help from a newly installed head of state in digging up dirt against one of his own political rivals. But, before you can say presto change o,  the text of this conversation is magically transformed before our very eyes into an offer of help for a long since closed investigation into Ukrainian political corruption which also happens to involve the son of  our last Vice President who also happens to be the domestic political opponent our president most fears. That is if he fears anyone at all, which as we have been reminded repeatedly, he doesn’t. The offer of our Justice Department’s backhoe and its chief operator William Barr is made to help with the excavation process. As a sweetener, the special shoveling talents of personal attorney and ditch digger extraordinaire Rudy Giuliani are offered as well. They will dig all the way to China if necessary. This was recently confirmed on the White House lawn, in front of a lot of people and cameras and microphones.

Abracadabra, sayeth the magician’s assistants, Lindsey Graham, Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy and Roy Cohn doppelganger, Stephen Miller. What you see is not what you get but rather what we say. Meanwhile in the Hall of Smoke and Mirrors, the Wizard of the White House also known as the  President of the United States whips up potions of civil war rhetoric while simultaneously  hexing a death penalty on the “shifty” House Intelligence Committee Chairman and the citizen who heard something and dutifully said something for the “treason” of doing their jobs. So much for that pesky promise to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States.

The circus is in town, so don’t miss the thrill of the derring do of legendary “acting” stunt driver Marvelous Mick Mulvaney as he navigates a clown car of some of the administration’s slickest subpoena evaders around the trickiest obstacle course in modern politics. Watch in suspense as Rick Perry tries to name the government agency he heads. Take a free seminar from Wilbur Ross on how to best sleep through a presidential address at the United Nations and get a free copy of his booklet: How to short sell stocks while a federal employee and get away with it. 

So if you believe the Civil War was fought over “states’ rights”, that there never was a moon landing, the government controls the weather, and a deep state pedophile ring operates out of a basement of a fast food restaurant in DC, then hurry on to the big Fox tent  and grab as many bottles as you can carry of Doctor Huckabee Sander’s medicinal propaganda, while supplies last. They are flying off the shelves faster than republican congress people can declare their disinterest in running for another term. It will cure what ails ya!Step right up, step right up! See the contortionists of truth!  There aren’t any two headed dogs but there are a plethora of two faced Senators. Experience the orange fire breathing dragon.Be sure not to miss the spirit of a certain Madame Defarge as she singlehandedly knits dozens of orange jumpsuits. PT Barnum had nothing on this.




5 thoughts on “Optical Illusions

  1. Beautifully written. “Watch in suspense as Rick Perry tries to name the government agency he heads.” Hilarious.

    If only we didn’t have this fun-house-mirror “reality” to write about….

    Liked by 1 person

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