The Cuban Missile Crisis, Chernobyl, Watergate, Clinton-Lewinsky, Iran Contra, George Washington and the cherry tree, Einstein failing math, Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, U2 (the incident not the band) , “No new taxes” The USS Maine, weapons of mass destruction, Cigarettes, Joe McCarthy, Hitler to Chamberlain. (Neville, not Wilt)

What do all the above mentioned have in common? Think really hard… Give up?  Ok, all of them represent lies. Big lies. As big as, or bigger than that steak they offer for free if you can eat it with “all the fixin’s” at the Big Texan in Amarillo, Texas. Like the dinner, they all fall under the category of “things that are hard to swallow”, a Family Feud category if ever I heard one.

Nikita Khrushchev lied about Soviet missiles in Cuba. Mikhail Gorbachev lied about the extent of the Chernobyl disaster. We Americans do our fair share of lying as well. Richard Nixon and Watergate. I don’t believe any further elaboration is necessary besides I am trying to keep the word count down on this one. As a president he is not alone. Fibbing has no allegiance to any particular party. Yes, Bill Clinton DID have sex with that woman, even if it wasn’t coital in nature. Yes, Mr. Reagan did trade arms for hostages and at some point had to admit it. George Washington and the cherry tree? Total nonsense. Albert Einstein did not fail math in fact at 15 he had mastered differential and integrated calculus and had offered up an alternate proof for the Pythagorean Theory. I can’t even spell that without an assist from Spell Check.  The attack on US Naval vessels resulting in Lyndon Johnson’s Gulf of Tonkin Resolution justifying the escalation of the Vietnam War never actually happened. Dwight Eisenhower misled America regarding US spy activity by that U2 plane piloted by Francis Gary Powers over Soviet territory. We were spying. Why would that be a surprise? How did George HW Bush squealing “Read my lips. No new taxes” work out for everyone? The USS Maine was not attacked by Spanish forces precipitating the Spanish- American War. Well, there was an explosion on the ship but Spain had nothing to do with it; a fire on the ship ignited the ammunition stock.  The “Weapons of Mass Destruction” lie brought Colin Powell to the General Assembly of the United Nations to pitch a war with Iraq using drawings (yes DRAWINGS) as “evidence” of the existence of such weapons. Adlai Stevenson 40 some years before went to the same body with actual aerial photos regarding the storage of the aforementioned Soviet missiles in Cuba.

Our wonderful civic minded corporate communities held in such high esteem by some that we are told they should never be saddled with regulations of any kind, have been caught on numerous occasions availing themselves of pretzel logic to excuse and explain their behaviors. As recently as 1994 (long after the first Surgeon General warnings) RJ Reynolds, proud suppliers of poison to the world swore under oath before Congress that “Cigarette smoking is no more ‘addictive’ than coffee, tea or Twinkies.” Volkswagen offered up a new twist on mendacity when it installed software designed to evade standards for smog reduction in its diesel powered cars. Exxon’s own internal research, going as far back as 1978 exposed the reality of climate change yet for the past forty years they have engaged in a mammoth propaganda campaign minimizing its effects through industry funded “think tanks” charged with dismissing the views of the legitimate scientific community in the eyes of the public. Now their former CEO (Rex Tillerson) has taken the reins of the State Department as the primary voice of American foreign policy. A position that is fourth in line for succession to the presidency.

How’s this for a memorable moment in our history:

“I have here in my hand a list of 205 [State Department employees] that were known to the secretary of state as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping the policy of the State Department.”

Almost all of these allegations were untrue but that didn’t stop Joe McCarthy from ruining the lives of many Americans including Phillip Loeb, an actor on the successful TV show of the time The Goldbergs. Mr. Loeb was the sole provider for a mentally disturbed son. His subsequent blacklisting by The Esteemed Jackass from Wisconsin resulted in his inability to earn a living and provide for his son. The depression over this drove him to suicide.

Adolf Hitler told the ever gullible Neville Chamberlain that he had no plans to invade Czechoslovakia. He desired a mere “reapportionment” of the country on behalf of German citizens living there. As the words were passing through his lips German troops were amassing for a brutal wholescale invasion. Everybody (except for faithful Brietbart followers) knows what followed. Do visions of Putin and Crimea dance in your heads at this point? After all that too was supposedly to protect the interests of Russian citizens living in the Ukraine.

Of course there are more but I felt it was fitting to end the list with a mention of the mustachioed menace because his actions remind me so much of the present occupant of our White House. Just substitute Bannon for Goebbels and add water.  Actually in this scenario he is a little more like Chamberlain with Putin playing the role of Austria’s least favorite son.

The new president lies so much it is difficult keep up. He says three to five million “illegals” cost him the popular vote. That is a lie in and of itself. No human beings are illegal. No responsible source has confirmed any part of his claim, but true to form the president continues to think (much like the splendidly dead Mr. Goebbels) that if a lie is repeated often enough people will begin to believe it.

He lies about the size of his inauguration (and it has been implied a few other things as well), he said that two people were shot and killed at President Obama’s farewell speech in Chicago (never happened), he falsely asserted that the murder rate in Philadelphia was climbing when in fact it was lower than the year before. He lied about the legitimacy of the last president and his “investigation” and proof of his “findings” regarding that. He claimed Hillary Clinton destroyed 13 I Phones with a hammer. Why would he even make that one up? As I write this he likely has told another 20 prevarications.

Recently there were protests at airports all over the country resulting in enormous delays, while legal green card holders were illegally detained for long periods of time. The president tried to put most of the blame for the delays on a Delta Airlines computer glitch. True, there was a Delta Airlines glitch, but it occurred well after most of the dust from the protests had settled. His “ban” on immigration which caused the entire ruckus was defended as not a “ban” by his designated mouthpieces Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer. It should be pointed out that both of them (along with America’s favorite vampire Rudy Giuliani) had been captured on tape on many occasions referring to it as just that. The president himself had referred to it as a ban. Of course that was before it actually went into effect and all hell broke loose. Ms. Conway then went on Hardball with Chris Matthews in an attempt to justify the ban that was not a ban, and concocted a story about a massacre in Bowling Green, Ohio in 2011 that…never happened.

He has been in office for a very short time and already it is impossible to keep up with the lies without multiple pairs of New Balance running shoes at the ready. Place all these lies together with the tonnage of them he told during the campaign (The Toronto Star has a most comprehensive listing of them-feel free to look them up) and it is easy to get an idea of where we are heading with President Pinocchio. This new world disorder of alternative facts should not be too upsetting though. Just as TV provided us with our new Dear Leader it also contains the antidote for all toxins seeping from his being. We all just need to take a page from a wonderful Seinfeld episode called The Opposite. Regarding anything coming from this White House just consider what the Opposite is and you should be fine. To paraphrase Jesus himself in John Chapter 8 Verse 32-The Opposite of alternative facts will set you free!

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