Welcome to the Ledge

In such times as these, there is much to fear and much to rejoice. The Ledge is a place where we can look out onto the available world and collect our thoughts. In the end we will enjoy the view and hopefully avoid any and all temptations to jump. From this spot there will be venting, there will pointed observations, there will be celebrations and fond remembrances. The author and his rodent editor welcome fondly any and all eyes that set down upon our space. We welcome comments even when critical, so long as such commentary remains civilized. When that is the case it is more likely than not to get a response. Ad hominem attacks will be summarily ignored. Yes, the author will on occasion of his own wrath strike out against those in the public space (politicians, policy makers etc) but we do not seek to do do battle with readers. When leaders enact policies that appear to endanger  people or unnecessarily put them  at odds with each other for the sake of extracting mere political points we will point it out from our vantage point and do so in a sufficient degree commensurate with the temperature of the action or the moment. Words can be powerful and if they are expressed to right a wrong or to bring attention to a malady in our society then they are best expressed passionately. As the old saying goes “you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs”.  So while we jab pointed barbs at the ridiculousness of those in charge, let us not throw eggs at each other. However, clever rejoinders, even in disagreement, especially funny ones, are always welcome.  We love a good laugh here on The Ledge, even at our own expense.

Ideas are also welcome. There is no schedule to this digital endeavor, no deadlines to meet. Even when we have an idea it can often take weeks before it begins to form enough for the writing process to start and from there the gestation period between paragraphs might take awhile. At other times, the opposite can happen as events might dictate how prolific we are in a specific time frame. That said, sometimes during the longer periods we are just at a loss, so don’t be shy about suggesting something for consideration.

Some of our readers receive an email notice whenever a new item is posted. Some readers on the WP also post on the site and randomly check in to see what is up. And of course there are followers who do the same. If anyone wishes to be on the mailing list for the posting notice simply advise us how to email it to you. All emails are sent out blind cc so nobody else on the list should get your email address.

By the way,  this introduction is being written three years into the game. Apparently we already had a page that said “First Post” which we never noticed before and when we opened it up with curiosity we noticed a lot of blankness. We do tend to do things around here a little ” bassakwards” as an old coach of ours used to say. So, if you are new to WP or just to us, welcome. If you are even a semi-regular reader, feel free to disregard everything written above, but please continue to follow us. We do appreciate every single pair of eyes dropping down on our digital space.

One last thing, particularly for the attention of new readers. Receiving our posting notice email is free. We are also not ad supported. We will never ask you for donations. We pay to be on this platform and only hope that you may read, ponder, enjoy and maybe laugh a little. So grab a coffee, or lunch or whatever wets your whistle best and join us on The Ledge. I promise you, the squirrel doesn’t bite.


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